Haval is the new authority when it comes to SUVs. Haval is proud to say that it is No. 1 SUV name in the biggest automotive market in the world and as a global SUV manufacturer it is top 10. If you are looking to drive the best SUV, Haval Maitland is open to provide with the best customer service.

Hunter Haval is proud to present its whole range of SUVs for you to check out and choose one. Surely, there is a Haval SUV that best suits your lifestyle or your family.

There are plenty of reasons to go for Haval H6 SUV. The company takes it as a big responsibility to look after you and your family. This is to ensure you patronage and in the future, you buy another SUV by Haval. Haval is proud to be your one and only trusted friend on the road and encourages you to recommend the brand to your friends, colleagues and family members.

They are committed to giving the best dealer experience to every client along with honesty and integrity. The company is proud of its knowledgeable and passionate sales team that guarantees nothing less than the greatest overall customer experience.

Everyone is invited to come to the Haval Maitland dealership, so you should book a test drive now. You can book your test drive any day of the week. You can do this from the comfort of your own home, on your computer.

You have either the Haval H2, Haval H6, Haval H8 or Haval H9 to test drive. One of those models will surely suit your lifestyle and your taste.

The H6 Sporty type is one of the most popular SUVs. This is the Haval SUV preferred by most male clients because it is sporty, dynamic but very practical. One of its remarkable ace features is the 2L turbo-charged 6 speed auto. It boasts of a its 2L turbo-charged 6 speed auto, which is one of its leading features. It has a great ride at every angle. You will appreciate every moment behind the wheel.  For further details regarding cars, check out http://www.mahalo.com/how-to-buy-a-used-car/.

You have 3 other SUVs to choose from if the Haval H6does not convince you. Moving on, you will be surprised with what else they offer. They also give the best after sales service. The 100,000 km warranty and the 5-year warranty that they offer will make you feel secure when driving a Haval. You can also rely on their roadside assistance that will cover you for the next five years. And lastly, their customer care is available 24/7.

Gettng a Haval is the best decision. That is because you are driving the best SUV in the world that was manufactured by a company that is truly dedicated to your safety and comfort. Learn More here!


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